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Using influencers for marketing? Can you tell me your ROI?

Jan 16, 2019 11:16:47 AM / by Rachel Greaves

Using influencers to tote your product on instagram? I don't blame you - influencers with impressive followings can leverage impressive results. But how do you decide how much to pay them? Funding influencers on the whole can be pricey. Hailey Bieber said recently that she’d be given up to $10,000 for just one post. Obviously the higher the engagement rate, the higher the cost. A single post could cost you between £250 to £1000, with a product video costing £5000 for some middle range influencers. A friend who works for a diet brand told me she paid one influencer £200 just to film a 15 second clip for Instagram Stories.

If you see a spike in sales then that’s great, but how do you evaluate your ROI, especially when that penny pinching video clip is gone after 15 seconds? Did you get any customer data from it? What was your conversion rate? It’s difficult to say right? One way to track your ROI would be to set up a dedicated landing page.

Forbes agrees, they advise giving your influencer:

as much free reign as you'll permit, as long as they drive their audience where you want them to go. Once on the landing page, you, as the brand, can incentivise the users and capture their lead info for measurement data and future communication.

Using the Fastory platform you can make a landing page in no time at all and what’s best - make it interactive. This will ensure your product gets more air time and you’re more likely to see your conversion rates rise. Our landing pages are customisable so you make them your own and add games or a survey, but crucially, they retain the Instagram Stories format so it will look slick and give your customers a consistent, yet immersive experience.


Every second counts in social media and that’s why they're also optimised for mobile use and load instantly. Our client Warner Brothers found customers stayed on their landing page for 1:15 minute on average - that’s a whole minute longer than native stories on instagram. So if you’re going down the influencer route, make sure you can monitor the bang for your buck.

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Rachel Greaves

Written by Rachel Greaves

I am currently advising and supporting UK companies on their marketing and social media strategies for the mobile-first platform, Fastory.

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