AS Roma is a professional Italian football club based in Rome. Founded in 1927, AS Roma who today is a pillar of European football is successfully pioneering a digital revolution in the sports ecosystem.




Goals and Campaign Features


  • Provide fans with innovative and interactive content
  • Sell tickets for the Roma vs Chelsea game

Social Media Channels

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Instagram Stories Ads Snapchat Ads Facebook Posts Twitter

Key Stories Components

  • Branded Video Cover
  • Custom Themes
  • White Label
  • Chatbot
  • Memory game
Key Metrics
More swipe ups on instagram stories
Average session time
Story Completion rate
CTR on "buy tickets"
Success Story
The story, which featured clips of exciting plays from the first game at Stamford Bridge, interactive chatbot and stats, has been warmly received by the supporters.
There’s been over 100,000 Viewers of the Instagram Stories post and the link open rate was about 2x higher than normal.
On Twitter  the tweet about the story received 6 times more RT and 3 times more likes than their ten previous tweets, highlighting the fact that AS Roma had created a really valuable piece of content with Fastory and succeeded in engaging with their fans. 
The supporters engagement with this new way of consuming content has not only been proven on social media channels but also on the story itself. On average, visitors have interacted with the content created by Roma for more than 1 min and viewed more than 85% of the story. Even more promising, 13% of the visitors clicked on a call to action to buy tickets for the Roma vs Chelsea game.

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