Published by Red Bull, The Red Bulletin is a monthly magazine which features sports, culture, music and lifestyle stories focused on people who accomplish extraordinary achievements, move beyond the norm, test their limits and passionately seek adventures.




Goals and Campaign Features


  • Provide fans with innovative and interactive content
  • Drive qualified and engaged traffic to

Social Media Channels

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Key Stories Components

  • Branded Video Cover
  • Custom Themes
  • White Label
  • CTA Buttons
Key Metrics
Story interaction rate
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Success Story
Looking forward to driving new qualified and engaged traffic to, Red Bull created a story based on a top 5 of their best articles of the month. The story promoted each article with catchy pictures and introduction texts to encourage visitors to read the full content on their website with a call to action button displayed on each screen.
Targeting people who had never interacted with The Red Bullletin before with Facebook Ads, the story was a way to acquire a new qualified audience with a memorable mobile experience. In just a couple of weeks, the ads reached more than 65K people and got a 8/10 relevance score, a highly qualitative results regarding The Red Bulletin typical ads promoting editorial content. 
An impressive engagement rate has been observed, with visitors consulting the created content for over 1 minute, resulting in a 40% traction to the official website of

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