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Fastory helps us know our customers better through meaningful experiences.”
Laura Ducournau
Data & CRM Manager
Trusted by the world's greatest companies

Engage your audience more effectively

with Fastory Promotions & Contests

Switch to an intensely interactive and far more engaging lead generation approach. Provide gamified experiences based on triggers, rewards and leaderboard to make the most of your contacts initial attention span and then nurture relationship with them with playful experience.

Selfie contest
Soccer Game
Trivia Quiz
Memory game
Runner game
Swipe quiz
Voting contest
Runner game
Basketball game
Trivia Quiz

Fastory Promotions & Contests

Since engaged customers are more likely to stay loyal and buy more, offer irresistible and entertaining rewards through entertaining branded mini-games and attractive marketing promotions to increase user retention and engagement.

Take advantage of branded mini games or simpler gamification mechanics to build a strong brand preference and strenghten your relationship with your community. From Trivia Quiz to Soccer Game, Fatsory is your best option to run marketing contests optimized for both mobile and desktop. 

Mobile-first Gamification tools

Gamified experience that fully take advantage of mobile context such as Swipe Poll or Scratchcard.

Quiz variations with timed actions

Scores, challenges, timed games and more to let entrants try their chance multiple times.


Gamification concepts that make marketing campaigns addictive and more social.

Many conversions are lost because nobody likes to fill out a form on mobile. Let's find a solution.

Without Fastory

Old Way

Classic Landing page

  • Responsive design inherited from Desktop era
  • Long scroll navigation
  • Endless forms unsuitable to fill out with little keyboards
  • Entering same informations again and again

With Fastory

New Way

Mobile experience

  • Motion headlines & addictive games suited for Mobile devices
  • Instant Tap navigation with clear funnel & CTAs
  • Conversational Chatbot with progressive profiling
  • Persistent Data wallet with Facebook login
  • And a lot more...

Without Fastory

Old Way

Traditional campaign

With Fastory

New Way

Mobile experience

Why should you use Mobile-first content?

Time spent on mobile
Audiences are mostly spending their time on  social networks through mobile devices.
Interaction Rates
The vast majority of your audience will lean forward and interact.
Qualification Rate
Audiences typically qualify much better with a Fastory Microsite than the same content on a classic landing page.
Click-Through Rate
Experience industry-smashing CTRs. Whether your audience buy a product, enters a competition or book a test drive through your Stories, expect big numbers.
Dev Das
Head of Strategy and Digital Marketing at LinkedIn

“Fastory is like Canva.com for interactive content on mobile.”

Paul Rogers
Head of digital and social media at AS Roma

“The work we’ve done with Fastory to release this mobile-first, interactive Champions League preview Story is the perfect example of innovation that delivers new and engaging content.”

Allen Halas
Digital Media Specialist at Pyramak & Owner at Breaking and Entering

"Love the product so far. Definitely a time saver for me. I was initially doing daily Snapchat/Instagram content through Photoshop.
Fastory changed that.”

Jonathan Wuurman
Marketing Automation Evangelist at Actito

"Just played for 5 minutes with your app and the first impression is awesome.”

Sahil Gupta
Marketer at BoomBro Digital

"You have customer-pulled of a spectacular job. Kudos to you guys!”

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