Consumer's opinion

Product Crush

Test consumers with the online survey. Ask for feedback and evaluate their customer satisfaction. You will be able to get a trend as well as an overall rating. The mobile game takes the form of a quiz.

The participants answer questions that you define and then register their participation in the bot in order to participate in the draw. Thanks to the consumer test game, you can easily qualify and engage your contacts and develop your marketing strategy.
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Key objectives:
Collect client opinions
Evaluate client satisfaction
Engagement Qualification

  1. Title of the game
  2. Explanation of how to play the racing game
  3. Catch objects and avoid obstacles in a limited time
  4. End of the game and registration of the participation in the chatbot
  5. Result of the draw
  6. Explanation of how to play the memory game
  7. Discover the pairs of cards
  8. End of the game and registration of the participation
  9. Explanation of how to participate in the Swipe Quiz
  10. End of the experiment and result of the game

Swipe Poll
Qualifying Bot
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