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Mobile changes every day a little bit more the way you develop your marketing strategy.
Discover the keys to captivating, engaging and converting your audience through mobile-first strategy.

Mobile-First in figures

+5 billion
mobile users in the world
of Facebook users access it via their smartphone
>1 billion
of users watch Stories every day

What is the Mobile-First approach?

Nowadays, mobile is everywhere. The Stories format is increasing 15x times faster than posts in the news feed. It’s a radical change in the way we consume and share information and you won’t be able to escape it.

A Mobile-First Marketing approach is about creating campaigns designed to be viewed above all on mobile : instantaneous loading, fast navigation, easily clickable link, fluid & interactive user experience.

By adopting this approach, you’ll be able to quickly reach your business objectives while offering unforgettable brand experiences.

About the Authors

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“Our social media team really appreciated reading this e-book. Described strategy has been a great source of inspiration to build our Mobile-first approach, which is now part of our DNA.”

Mathieu Crucq, VP INNOVATION
Brainsonic New business & Innovation

They became Mobile-First