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  • Quiz & Poll
  • Standard mini-games
  • Basic Qualification via Bot
  • Sweepstake in Bot
  • Embeddable on your website 
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  • Unlimited Workspaces  and Users
  • All Business Features plus:
  • White label
  • Hero's journey ✨ HYPER
  • Premium music game ⚡️FASTER
  • Pronostics Next-gen 🏆BETTER
  • 1 Premium template included
  • Canva integration
  • Sharing buttons & CTA
  • QR codes generation
  • Contestant detection
  • Custom typography
  • Voting contest
  • Advent Calendar
  • Bot social login
  • Desktop image background
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Referral via Bot
  • Basic Tag Manager
  • CTA buttons via Bot
  • Desktop video background
  • 👾LEVEL UP Program
  • In-app integration
  • Advanced Tag Manager
  • Custom domain
  • Country geoblocking

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  • Barcode scan
  • Proof of purchase collect
  • Rewards inventory management by store
  • Unique codes

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  • Webhook
  • SFTP
  • Custom CSV formatting
  • Custom development (SSO)


  • SEO Optimisations
  • Social sharing images by screen


  • Unlimited peak audience
  • Short domain name
  • Countdown
  • Video template for giant screen
  • Stage manager role
Creation of reusable templates
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  • Unlimited participations
  • Sequences of several mini-games
  • Multiple Opt-in via Bot
  • Stock of dynamic rewards
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Automatic designation of winners


  • Unlimited screens
  • Image carousel
  • Experiences carousel
  • Storytelling in the Bot
  • Intelligent video Autoplay

Multichannel distribution

  • Unlimited audience
  • Multichannel share
  • Custom URL
  • Gathering of the experiences in a Hub

If you want to benefit from the free trial, you need to create a free account. Once you're logged in, click on the banner at the bottom of the screen to request it. Once activated, all the features will be available for you to test for a period of 7 days. You won't be able to collect data.

You have two options: you can choose a plan to create an unlimited number of games on a period of one year, or you can choose the full service option: we take care of the creation and the implementation of the campaign for you.

If you have a project or even an idea... Contact us to explain it! Then we will discuss its organisation and pricing precision.

Thankfully, no. You manage your budget from the beginning until the end and you are free to evolve towards a superior plan at your own pace (your initial investment will be deducted on a pro-rata basis depending on the number of months remaining).

The cost of a custom campaign depends on several factors: the duration of the campaign, the number of visual assets to be designed by our team, the number of screens and mini-games, the possible language variations... To get a precise idea of the price, please contact us.

Fastory is the marketing mobile-first leader solution. It allows marketers to captivate better, engage and qualify their audience by creating branded experiences designed for mobile.

A large panel of features is available to easily and quickly conceive more attractive and efficient marketing: generation of vertical videos, immersive mini-games and conversational chatbots which convert up to two times more than a traditional form.

The payment should be made once the invoice is received.

Fastory allow you to conceive mobile-first experiences, which means that they are designed in priority to adapt to mobile screens. They are also accessible on your computer on a desktop version which keeps the vertical format while offering a carrousel navigation format. It guarantees an equal participation rate in comparison with a traditional desktop campaign.

Fastory can comply with the most stringent GDPR requirements. We attach great importance to user consent and the protection of our clients data. We host the marketing campaigns and all the data collected on ISO 27001 certified servers and FISMA based in Paris (France) and managed by Amazon.

Fastory guarantees its clients an annual availability rate of 99.9%. Furthermore, to insure optimal information volume management, the infrastructure is continuously monitored and the technical team is notified in case of problems, 24h/24, 7/7.

As its name suggests, a Workspace is a working area allowing one or more users to collaborate depending on the pricing plan. You can batch your content and contests, browse the statistics of your campaigns and download your CRM contact database.

With the grey label, a "Credits" mention with a link redirecting towards Fastory appears on each screen of your experience. You can deactivate the grey label with the white label option.

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