Why does it matter to know your marketing personality?

First and foremost, our team of (non)scientists worked very hard to isolate those personalities. The goal of this experiment was to understand which of them would bring the best campaigns to life. The results were astonishing... They all come from the marketer that are proud of their marketing, those are the ones standing out.

With this in mind, we came up with a personality test allowing marketers, agencies, music labels, and web3 project creators to discover their marketing personalities.

Take it, share it, talk about it, and more than anything, be proud of your marketing!

– The Fastory’ Team

Personality types


The Passionate Learner

The number of Google searches you made is infinite... If you planted a tree for each one, a forest would have grown by now. You are a patient person, with a great capacity for concentration. You take care to inform yourself on subjects in depth as often as possible in order to get the "big picture". πŸ“š


The Pen Pal

In the first grade, you got 10/10 in dictation. Today, storytelling is the main thread of your work. Coincidence? Once you've found your inspiration, you start writing and there's nothing to stop you. Your ultimate dream: to write the next Harry Potter. πŸ§™


The Cheeky Monkey

Your biggest strength? Your great interpersonal skills! You know how to address all types of profiles and people generally appreciate you for your empathy and sense of humour. You believe that a funny marketing is usually more effective than cold and impersonal content. In another life, you would be Jim Carrey. πŸ€ͺ


The Relentless Workaholic

The least we can say is that you're a very organized person, with you it's always straightforward! You lead projects and carry them out efficiently. You're committed and when you start a task you want to finish it. You are the Marie Kondo of marketing and we all need someone like you on our team. πŸ“–


The Digital Forerunner

You're up to date with all the innovations because you're a true forerunner! Nothing slips your mind about new trends because... You ARE the trend. You have a real passion for your job and that's what makes you stand out. πŸ˜‰


The Number Lover

The worst fear of 99% of the population is your greatest strength: numbers! You are able to master them, and this ability allows you to have an uncommon strategic vision. You are able to draw conclusions from KPIs and translate them to your teams. For you, business is a chessboard, all moves are calculated ahead of time. β™Ÿ


The Smart Strategist

Napoleon, Julius Caesar, and Wiston Churchill fan? No wonder, you all have one trait in common. It is of course your ability to devise successful strategies. Like an eagle, you have a global vision of the situation and know how to project yourself in the long term. You know your product, your competitors, your market, your target, and you're ready to shoot for the moon! 🎯


The Marketing Picasso

You are a creative person with a great sense of imagination. You love art in all its forms, because in your eyes it is everywhere! In your view, you don't make a marketing campaign, you offer your audience a sensitive and worked image. A new vision of reality. Your worst nightmare: the Comic Sans MS font 🎨


The Cool Kid

You're most likely the youngest in the office (or at least in your head), and for the record, that's your greatest asset! Digital Native, you are not influenced by traditional marketing. You don't need to read articles or analyse data to know that Tiktok is "The Place to Be", because you're on it every night. πŸ’β€β™€οΈ