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Last updated on 13/06/2022

Promotional marketing regulations

The United Kingdom generally defines two main categories: lotteries and free entry routes promotions.

A lottery is a commercial practice involving the designation of winners by chance. There is the non-advertising lottery, which refers to games of money, which is illegal with some exceptions, and the advertising lottery, more commonly known as competitions or draws, which is legal.

The Advertising Standards Authority and the Committee of Advertising Practices state that "All promotional marketing should clearly include all significant T&C’s upfront in initial marketing material. T&C’s are considered significant if they are likely to affect a consumers understanding of the promotion and their decision on whether or not to participate." In this case, we strongly recommend indicating as clearly as possible every bit of information regarding your contest or drawing in the rules document.


Sources: ASA & CAP

Create a giveaway on social networks

Every social network has defined specific rules for giveaways.

Comparative incentives allowed by social networks :

not recommended

Instagram giveaway rules

Even if owned by Meta, rules for running a giveaway on Instagram are more flexible than Facebook's. First, you can willingly use all possible incentive levers. Likes, comments, shares, mentions, and subscriptions are consequently allowed on Instagram.

Nonetheless, you must identify the content accurately and encourage your audience to do the same. You cannot, for example, encourage participants to identify themselves in a photo in which they do not appear. You must also explicitly state that the giveaway is not run or sponsored by Instagram.

Finally, according to the rules applied on Instagram (this is also the case on Facebook), every participant in a giveaway should fill out a disclaimer protecting Instagram.

Sources: Promotional rules on Instagram

Facebook giveaway rules

Organizing a giveaway on Facebook requires compliance with the specifications issued by the platform. First of all, according to the regulations applied on Facebook (as on Instagram), every participant in a contest should fill out a disclaimer protecting Facebook.

You must also explicitly state that this giveaway is organized independently of Facebook and that they are not responsible for it.

Regarding the management of promotions, it is forbidden "to use personal logs or friends' connections to manage promotions". This means that participants may not be asked to:

  • Identify a friend to enter a Facebook competition
  • Share a link on their profile to join
  • Share a link on a Facebook friend's profile to participate

It is also forbidden to force participants to like a page. So, to meet your engagement objectives without breaking the rules imposed by Facebook, we advise you to invite participants without making it a condition of participation. While this may seem restrictive, there are several alternatives for continuing to run giveaways on Facebook.

Sources: Promotional rules on Facebook

TikTok giveaway rules

TikTok is quite flexible about setting up giveaways on its platform.

Even if all incentives are allowed (likes, subscriptions...), there is still an important rule to respect. A complete set of rules must be accessible via a link, either directly from the publication or on the profile of the account in charge of the contest, specifying :

  • who can participate
  • how to participate
  • what prizes are to be won
  • when the competition ends
  • that this contest is not associated in any way with TikTok

If your giveaway requires the creation of videos, use a unique hashtag to track all participants. Any post made during the contest period that has the predetermined hashtag is then considered an entry.


X giveaway rules

X has established two rules concerning the organization of giveaways on its platform.

First, it is forbidden to encourage the repeated publication of a tweet to avoid spam.

Then, to discourage the creation of multiple accounts, it is necessary to include a rule specifying that any user who has participated via multiple accounts would not be eligible. They recommend that the organizers require participants to mention them to be able to access all the tweets.

The use of hashtags is also recommended.

Sources: Guidelines for organizing X giveaways

Youtube giveaway rules

YouTube does not allow contests to be organized through advertising. However, you can create giveaways through your content on the platform.

YouTube has many rules and guidelines for creating a giveaway:

  • The contest must not violate the rights of a third party or encourage infringement or participation in illegal activity
  • Participation in your competition must be free
  • You may not distort the actual engagement of the viewer on YouTube. You may not ask to like or subscribe or share to participate in your giveaway

Sources: Rules and guidelines for YouTube competitions

Snapchat giveaway rules

To submit a Timeline giveaway on Snapchat or any other Snap Inc. product, you must follow these guidelines:

  • Provide the official rules for your contest
  • Clearly state that Snap Inc. is not responsible for and has no connection with your giveaway
  • Do not encourage illegal or unlawful conduct
  • Do not ask participants to send Snaps to friends (or any other form of spam)

Sources: Rules for promotions on Snapchat

Frequently asked questions

The more complete and clear, the better! 

Here is the information you should not miss: 

  • The name and contact details of the organizer
  • The dates and times of the operation
  • The detailed rules for your giveaway
  • The profiles of the people authorized to participate
  • The mention of the protection of the participants' data
  • The publication and date of the result
  • The method of designating the winners
  • How the winner(s) will be notified
  • The prizes: their number, their precise designation (model, format, etc.), and their value 
  • The name of the bailiff with whom it is deposited

If you want to use the participants' photos, you will have to ask them to grant you their image rights. 

Apart from this condition, there are no specific rules for organizing a photo contest.

These rules must be visible to all participants, so we recommend that you include them as a link in your giveaway publication (or on your profile if this is not possible). For example, you can host the PDF of your giveaway rules.

The social network TikTok was created in 2016. It is the youngest of all the social networks on this page. Due in part to this recent appearance on the market, the regulations for sweepstakes are still quite unclear. In 2019, TikTok posted its advertising guidelines for the US and EU, without giving much guidance on contest guidelines. However, this does not mean that there are no rules to follow.

If your goal is to engage your audience and collect qualified sign-ups, Web Story giveaways are for you. Unlike traditional Timeline giveaways, the Web Stories format allows you to create an engaging and personalized experience with games that immerses the player in the brand's world.

After clicking the button at the top of the page, you will receive your rules template directly by email in PDF format so that you can launch your giveaway with complete peace of mind.

The instant win is a winning mechanism in which the participant is immediately informed of his or her win. The winning times are then determined randomly or chosen in advance.

In contrast, the draw mechanics related to the competition designate the winners randomly at the end of the game.