Speed up your clients strategy

Producing quality content requires always more time, resources and budget.

Fastory is the turnkey solution to create contests, mini-games and innovative content to improve your clients brand image.


Reduce your production costs

Discharge your technical team of tedious and repetitive developments. Create professional quality content without involving internal profiles.

Fastory possesses a lot of integrations allowing you to be ore creative.


Benefit from convincing prototypes for your pitchs

Maximize your chances of success by presenting testable mobile experiences that will allow you to stand out from the competition.

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Illustrate your digital expertise

Benefit from advanced customization features for a quality result close to your client's brief.

Create a recurrence by covering the highlights of your clients. Achieve their objectives throughout the year.



Collect decisive leads for your clients

Set the bot to collect key visitors information that will help your clients get to know better their audience.

Download at any moment the data you collected in the CRM to facilitate their processing.

Share real time performances with your clients

Measure the efficiency of your experience thanks to a complete analytics dashboard and share it in white label with your client.

Quickly identify the changes to operate and achieve the objectives faster.



Efficiently collaborate on simultaneous projects

Invite projects manager on workspaces dedicated to each client. Allocate roles for an optimal management: creator, data analyst, administrator...

Easily create quality content in a short time.

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Fastory Tag Manager

Insert tracking scripts inside your experiences to understand better the users behavior. Trigger your scripts on a diversity of events linked to the game, the bot and the actions taken by the visitor.

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The user experience was interactive and playful. This allowed us to achieve our objectives: boost the number of participations and increase the purchases of partner brands during this key period of holiday season. This operation has been led in all the Casino group shops and qualified customers thanks to an efficient opt-in collection.

Ariane Hirbec, Digital Marketing Manager @ RelevanC

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