Blind audition

The music quiz allows you to ask questions based on a piece of music. The participants will have to listen to the song, answer the questions and find the right answer. They will then be selected from among the participants who have correctly answered the questions in your quiz.

You can create a music quiz from Deezer's catalogue of over 73 million tracks. Organising an online music quiz will help you promote an Instagram event for example.

You can animate your existing community and develop its engagement. You will also be able to qualify your database of contacts that can be retrieved at any time.
Available with this offer:
Key objectives:
Entertain a community
Promote an event
Engagement Qualification

  1. Pictorial title of the game
  2. Explanation of how to participate in the quiz game
  3. Answer the questions
  4. Answer the questions of the bot and register the participation in the chatbot
  5. Participate in the instant win

Qualifying Bot
Upgrade to mobile-first