Puzzle game

The 1000 pieces

Create a puzzle from any picture and ask the player to find what word is hidden in it. This mechanism is simple and effective and allows you to highlight your visuals and products.
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Key objectives:
Promote a product
Enrich contact database
Engagement Qualification

1. Titrage animé du jeu 2. Explication des modalités de participation au jeu de puzzle 3. Découverte du puzzle et des différentes pièces 4. Proposition du mot trouvé dans le bot 5. Inscription au tirage au sort 6. Fin de l'expérience

  1. Pictorial title of the game
  2. Explanation of how to participate in the puzzle game
  3. Display the puzzle and the different pieces
  4. Gamer suggest to the chatbot the word that he found
  5. Registration to the sweepstake
  6. End of the experience

Animated headline
Sweepstake Bot
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