Create outstanding Web Stories 

Producing quality content always requires more time, resources and budget.

Fastory is the turnkey solution to create contests, mini-games and innovative content for all of your marketing channels.


Improve your engagement with captivating mobile experiences

Mobile-responsive content marketing impact your conversion. Instead, lead your valuable traffic towards a mobile, flowing and immersive experience. Quickly observe a better conversion rate.


Easily conceive brand content without any technical skills 

Choose the type of content that you want to create : contests, content or video story. Then, increase your engagement rate thanks to captivating audio and video components.

Personalize the experience with the colors of your brand in only a few clicks. Fastory has plenty of integrations to allow you to be more creative.


Increase your visibility by sharing in all your contact points

Publish your experience in all your marketing channels with a simple URL. After a swipe-up in an Instagram story, in a Facebook sponsored post or inside an email marketing, everything is possible.

Integrate the experience directly to your website with an iframe or display tracked QR codes in your point of sales.


Collect more information on the target that matters to your business

Set the chatbot to collect the information regarding the visitors that really matter. 

Export all the data collected in the CRM to facilitate their processing.

Optimize your campaign at any time to maximize your performances

Measure the efficiency of your experience with a complete analytics dashboard.

Quickly identify the changes to operate and achieve the objectives faster.


Save time by assigning roles to each member of your team

Invite the people in charge of the different projects on your workspace and allocate the roles: creator, data analyst, administrator, …

Collaborate effectively and serenely on your projects and produce quality content in a short period of time.

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Designed for the most demanding marketers 

Fastory Tag Manager

Insert tracking scripts inside your experiences to understand better the users behavior. Trigger your scripts on a diversity of events linked to the game, the bot and the actions taken by the visitor.

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"Our decision to implement a mobile-first strategy has been crucial in the success of our web-to-store project as we achieved excellent results. The bot allowed us to qualify twice as much opt-ins as a traditional campaign."

Benjamin Boulic, International eCommerce Leader @ Petit Bateau

Engagement rate

Improve engagement rate on your website

with Fastory Embed & Hub

Instagram Stories you create deserve better than time-limited live. Leverage your marketing content with the Stories format to better engage your visitors and convince them to follow you on Social Media channels.


Fastory Embed

Integrate your experience to your website with an iframe code and benefit from an optimal display on mobile and desktop.

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Fastory Hub

Centralize all your brand campaigns in a Snapchat Discover-like Hub, fully embeddable on your Website.

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