Drive more conversions with mobile-first


Easy-to-use Fastory Studio

Speed up your content creation with a unique tool designed for your company’s ecosystem and needs and get professionnal-looking marketing assets without any design or technical skills needed.

Goal-oriented Storyboards

A comprehensive range of scenarii, compatible with 16 formats to easily reach any of your marketing goals.

+50 ready-to-use Motion Headlines

Amazing animated headlines computed from Adobe After Effects, without the technical headache.

Instagram & Snapchat Ads integration

Your Instagram & Snapchat ads assets instantly synchronized with your media gallery on advertising tools.

Drag & Drop Stories Creation

Intuitive and easy to play drag & drop stories-like content builder so you can really focus on the marketing message.

Multi-source media gallery

 Your own existing assests instantly imported from your Facebook photos, Instagram posts/Stories, Youtube or file upload.

Custom theme editor

Branded and consistent design across all your contents thanks features like custom fonts upload, color palette and more.

+1.4 million royalty free stock medias

A wide range of free to use pictures, gif and videos to help you get inspired for any of your project.

Blazing fast loading

A proprietary patent-pending technology, that empower content preloading and prefetching, adaptive streaming and more.

Mobile-first interactions

Interactions like Tilt to pan & Parralax that fully take advantage of the mobile context, also smartly adapted on desktop.

Flexible screens timeline

Simple drag & drop to customize the screens sequence to craft thousand combinations.

Smart video autoplay

Videos and animations that plays out at just the right moment to provide the best experience possible.

On-the-fly Autosaving

Your progress Automatically saved on the go, so you’ll never loose your changes and data

Selfie Contest
Kicking Game
Memory Game
Runner Game
Swipe Quiz
Voting contest
Swipe Poll
Toss Game

Fastory Promotions & Contests

Since engaged audiences are more likely to stay loyal and buy more, reward customers and leads with delightful prizes through entertaining branded mini-games and attractive marketing promotions.

Take advantage of branded mini games or simpler gamification mechanics such as sweepstakes or instant win to build a strong brand preference and strengthen your relationship with your community. From Trivia Quiz to Soccer Game, Fastory is your best option to run marketing contests optimized for both mobile and desktop. 

Mobile-first Gamification tools

Gamified experience that fully take advantage of mobile context such as Swipe Poll or Scratchcard.

Quizzes with timed actions

Scores, challenges, timed games and more to let entrants try their chance multiple times.


Gamification concepts that make marketing campaigns addictive and more social.

Landing Pages & Microsites

Craft mobile-first marketing experiences optimized for conversion.

Progressive Profiling via Operator

Learn more about your leads without asking the same question twice, or too much too soon.

Relationship Management

Easily get a quick overview of contacts interactions and actions to get in touch smartly.

Hubspot integration

Send insights and contacts information automatically from Fastory to your Hubspot Account.

CRM integration

Sync Data collected from Fastory with your CRM (on-demand).

Rewards (coming soon)

Leverage your marketing promotions with enhanced prizes.

Smart and Conversative Forms

Build friendly relationships with your customers and drive your target audience down your marketing funnel with the Operator.


Website Pre-loader

Never loose traffic again because of page loading thanks to the website pre-loading.

Contextual Call to Actions

Design CTAs linked to specific pages of your website.

Real time Funnel Analytics

See your funnel KPIs and deeply understand what works better.

Facebook basic info & profile pic

Must have demographic info to get started properly with leads targeting.

Conversion tracking

Proprietary technology that allows you to discover how efficient your storified contents are.

3rd party tracking

Any scripts triggered on your content on impressions or clicks events.

CSV granular export

Export your account data in a universal format so you can make anyting you want with.

CRMs integrations

Salesforce, Hubspot, and 500+ more through Zapier to synchronise actions and data.

Retargeted Messages

Take advantage of targeted emails and push notifications to convert more (coming soon).

Engaging Emails and Web Push Notifications

Encourage your audience to stay tuned with outbound marketing messages, released smartly. 

Triggered Messaging

Draw a custom journey for your existing customers and show them you care.

Whitelisted access

Limit access to your VIP customers, users or employees so they'll feel privileged.

Marketing Automation

Easily create customized segments and workflows to draw tailored user journeys (coming soon).

Opt-ins via Operator

Turn boring and under performing opt-ins checkboxes into friendly and powerful conversational form.

Lazy Subscription

Encourage visitors to subscribe to your content with well designed consent process (coming soon).

Signup system

Limit access to your VIP customers, users or employees so they'll feel privileged.

Fastory Hub

Get your own Snapchat Discovers-like stories hub, aggregating stories from your prefered marketing  channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube Stories, AMP or Snapchat Stories. Fully take advantage of all the stories you’ve created, bringing them together.

Subscriptions to Stories stream

Deep and lasting bond with visitors thanks to subscriptions and push notifications.

Stand Alone Website

Shareable anywhere on the web, optimized for both mobile and desktop, as a standalone microsite.

Embeddable on your website

Easy to embed stories hub on your website, mobile app as an iframe or through a widget for exemple.

Fastory Widget

Give your website a brand new, refreshing way to discover what’s hot on your social media channels like Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat thanks to embeddable stories widget. Blend social media stories with storified microsite so you can delight your leads from news discovering to conversions. 

Available with a Fastory subscription
Real Example with France Television

Approved by Instagram

Fully compliant with Facebook and Instagram T&Cs, so your account is safe.

Easy to embed stories

A simple copy/paste process to embed  any social media stories on your website.

Automatically refreshed

Your daily Instagram stories automatically added on your widget.

And many more!


Embed any type of content you'd like on your microsite or landing pages .


Let visitors share your Fastory contents to get more traffic and leads.

White label

The Fastory brand completely hidden to emphasize yours.


A specific role for managers who want to review content created with Fastory by their team.

Data exporter

Create an access for your data or sales team in order to let them export your leads data.

Quarterly perf reviews

Our specialists help you get the most of your marketing campaigns each quarter.

Reusable branded headlines

Catchy animated headlines computed from Adobe After Effect integrating your branded items.

Reusable Branded Theme

Custom themes made by our designers especially for your brand you can reuse again and again.

Dedicated Account manager

A Fastory expert available to guide and help you out every time you need.


Showcase your products easily with a mobile-optimized carousel.

Content Tracking

Accurate tracking, updated in real time to help you make the right decisions.

Email, Chat & Phone support

Multiple ways to reach us even more easily when you have a question.

Upgrade to mobile-first