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Fastory Promotions & Contests

Since engaged audiences are more likely to stay loyal and buy more, reward customers and leads with delightful prizes through entertaining branded mini-games and attractive marketing promotions.

Take advantage of branded mini games or simpler gamification mechanics such as sweepstakes or instant win to build a strong brand preference and strenghten your relationship with your community. From Trivia Quiz to Soccer Game, Fastory is your best option to run marketing contests optimized for both mobile and desktop.

Mobile-first Gamification tools

Gamified experience that fully take advantage of mobile context such as Swipe Poll or Scratchcard.

Quiz variations with timed actions

Scores, challenges, timed games and more to let entrants try their chance multiple times.

Invitations to share

Share buttons to encourage the users to challenge their friends and spread the word on social media.

Landing Pages & Microsites

Craft mobile-first marketing experiences optimized for conversion.

Progressive Profiling via Bot

Learn more about your leads without asking the same question twice.

Relationship Management

Easily get a quick overview of contacts interactions and actions to get in touch smartly.

Smart video autoplay

Videos and animations that plays out at the right moment to provide the most captivating experience possible.

CRM integration

Sync Data collected from Fastory with your CRM (on-demand).


Leverage your marketing promotions with enhanced prizes.

Upgrade to mobile-first