Create deep bonds with your audience and build strong brand loyalty

Engaging Emails and Web Push Notifications

Encourage your audience to stay tuned with outbound marketing messages, released smartly. 

Exclusive content

Limit access to your VIP customers, users or employees so they'll feel privileged.


Social media CTAs

Invite visitors to follow your brand on social media to access exclusive content and offers.


Simplified Subscription

Encourage visitors to subscribe to your content with well designed consent process (coming soon).


Opt-ins via Bot

Turn boring and under performing opt-ins checkboxes into friendly and powerful conversational form.

Contest with rewards

Reward your audience for its loyalty with contests whether it is sweepstake or instant win.

Automated actions

Draw a custom journey for your existing customers and show them you care.


Fastory Hub

Get your own Snapchat Discovers-like stories hub, aggregating stories from your prefered marketing  channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube Stories, AMP or Snapchat Stories. Fully take advantage of all the stories you’ve created, bringing them together.

Subscriptions to Stories stream

Deep and lasting bond with visitors thanks to subscriptions and push notifications.

Stand Alone Website

Shareable anywhere on the web, optimized for both mobile and desktop, as a standalone microsite.

Embeddable on your website

Easy to embed stories hub on your website, mobile apps as an iframe or through a widget for exemple.

And many more!


Embed any type of content you'd like on your microsite or landing pages .


Let visitors share your Fastory contents to get more traffic and leads.

White label

The Fastory brand completely hidden to emphasize yours.


A specific role for managers who want to review content created with Fastory by their team.

Data exporter

Create an access for your data or sales team in order to let them export your leads data.

Quarterly perf reviews

Our specialists help you get the most of your marketing campaigns each quarter.

Reusable branded headlines

Catchy animated headlines computed from Adobe After Effect integrating your branded items.

Reusable Branded Theme

Custom themes made by our designers especially for your brand you can reuse again and again.

Dedicated Account manager

A Fastory expert available to guide and help you out every time you need.


Showcase your products easily with a mobile-optimized carousel.

Content Tracking

Accurate tracking, updated in real time to help you make the right decisions.

Email, Chat & Phone support

Multiple ways to reach us even more easily when you have a question.

Upgrade to mobile-first