Double your conversion rate
with mobile-first landing pages

Easily turn dull forms into conversational chatbots. Then, craft meaningful post-click experiences to captivate, engage and convert more people who matter to your business.

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Without Fastory

Old Way

Classic Landing page

  • Responsive design inherited from Desktop era
  • Long scroll navigation
  • Endless forms unsuitable to fill out with little keyboards
  • Entering same informations again and again

With Fastory

New Way

Mobile experience

  • Motion headlines & addictive games suited for Mobile devices
  • Instant Tap navigation with clear funnel & CTAs
  • Conversational Chatbot with progressive profiling
  • Persistent Data wallet with Facebook login
  • And a lot more...
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Without Fastory

Old Way

Traditional campaign

With Fastory

New Way

Mobile experience

Trusted by the world's greatest companies

Craft quality content at scale, no tech skills required

with Fastory Studio

See how incredibly easy it is to build visionary branded experiences for both mobile and desktop, especially tailored to your business goals and identity. Easily craft Mobile-first Landing Pages, Microsites and Vertical Ads in minutes instead of hours.



Coca Cola European Partners created a cross-channel shopper experience with Fastory.

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Fastory helps us know our customers better through meaningful experiences.”
Laura Ducournau
Data & CRM Manager

Drive more leads and conversions

with Fastory mobile-first marketing platform

Fastory lets you craft stunning mobile experiences, combining immersive brand content and lead generation, to delight and better understand your audience at scale.

Increase your reach on social media by crafting quality content at scale

Captivate people who matter to your business with stunning and targeted mobile experiences, leaving them an unforgettable memory of your brand.

Storified Swipe-up Experiences

Extend your Instagram Stories with fast-loading Storified Microsites.

Vertical Ads Creation

Create mobile optimized assets for your ads.

Motion Headlines

Benefit from catchy animated headlines, computed from Adobe® After Effects.


Advanced Theme Editor

Get professional-looking, branded and consistent design across all your mobile content.


Acquire more leads with engaging mobile-first experiences

Take your lead generation strategy to the next level turning dull, impersonal forms into entertaining user experiences people will enjoy.

Landing Pages & Microsites

Craft mobile-first marketing experiences optimized for conversion.

Progressive Profiling via Operator

Learn more about your leads without asking the same question twice, or too much too soon.

Promotions & Contests

Create addictive branded game experiences with rewards and leaderboard.


Relationship Management

Easily get a quick overview of contacts interactions and actions to get in touch smartly.


Increase your conversion rate and smartly drive your leads down your sales funnels

Convert visitors into buyers by creatively showcasing products and creating branding messages that inspire confidence through storytelling.

Contextual Call to Actions

Design CTAs linked to specific pages of your website.

Retargeted Messages

Take advantage of targeted emails and push notifications to convert more (coming soon).

Conversion Tracking

Deeply understand how your audience behaves after interacting with your content (coming soon).


Real time Funnel Analytics

See your funnel KPIs and deeply understand what works better.


Create deep bonds with your audience and build strong brand loyalty

The more you know about your contacts' preferences and lifestyles, the better placed you are to offer personalized brand experiences that increase their loyalty.

Widget & Hub

Bring your stories into your overall marketing strategy with handy content embedding tools.

Opt-ins via Operator

Turn boring and under performing opt-ins checkboxes into friendly and powerful conversational form.

Email & WebPush Notifications

Encourage visitors to subscribe to your content with well designed consent process (coming soon).


Marketing Automation

Easily create customized segments and workflows to draw tailored user journeys (coming soon).


Why should you use Mobile-first content?

Audiences typically qualify much better with a Fastory Microsite than the same content on a classic landing page.
The vast majority of your audience will lean forward and interact.
Audiences are mostly spending their time on  social networks through mobile devices.
Experience industry-smashing CTRs. Whether your audience buy a product, enters a competition or book a test drive through your content, expect big numbers.
Mobile-first best practices
Completion rate

Xbox promoted the Forza Motorsport 7 Game through an immersive mobile experience


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Retention rate within Chatbot

Warner Bros launched the Batman Movie with a branded chatbot

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Average session time

OM & Quick created innovative point-of-sale marketing

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More swipe ups on Instagram Stories

AS Roma provided fans with unprecedented interactive mobile marketing

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Visitors went to

Red Bull drived qualified traffic to their website

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Average session time

Vinci inspired their leads with travel ideas

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Dev Das
Head of Strategy and Digital Marketing at LinkedIn

“Fastory is like for interactive content on mobile.”

Paul Rogers
Head of digital and social media at AS Roma

“The work we’ve done with Fastory to release this mobile-first, interactive Champions League preview Story is the perfect example of innovation that delivers new and engaging content.”

Allen Halas
Digital Media Specialist at Pyramak & Owner at Breaking and Entering

"Love the product so far. Definitely a time saver for me. I was initially doing daily Snapchat/Instagram content through Photoshop.
Fastory changed that.”

Jonathan Wuurman
Marketing Automation Evangelist at Actito

"Just played for 5 minutes with your app and the first impression is awesome.”

Sahil Gupta
Marketer at BoomBro Digital

"You have customer-pulled of a spectacular job. Kudos to you guys!”

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