Organizing mobile first giveaways is the best way to combine entertainment and advertising! So what are you waiting for? 😏


By choosing the right game mechanics, you can easily achieve your marketing goals:

❤️ Generate engagement

🤩 Grow your community

👍 Convert leads

💸 Increase your sales

⤵️ Collect data

👑 Build customer loyalty

But for your giveaway to live up to the results you're hoping for, your experience needs to be easy to use and enjoyable for the user!

Find out quickly the 5 essential tools to create successful mobile first giveaways ⬇️

Templates with Canva

The number one tool we recommend you use to create mobile first giveaways is Canva.

With hundreds of templates available on their platform, you can create professional looking designs to dress up your branded content. (13) (1) (3)

You can use this tool to:

  • Create a background in your brand's colors
  • Create assets for mini-games
  • Create a cover page for your competition
  • Create visuals in Story format
  • Create GIFs
  • And many more...

In free or paid version, its ease of use makes it the ideal ally for any marketer!

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Quality video content with Playplay

Introducing the easiest video creation tool in the world: Playplay 🤯

By integrating video content, you make your experience more immersive, human and engaging!

According to this study, video generates on average 30% more interactions than a photo and twice as many shares!

You can use PlayPlay to :

  • Add audio to a video
  • Add dynamic titles
  • Edit an interview
  • Create a video cover for your mobile-first giveaway
  • And more...

There are of course other video creation tools but this one particularly convinced us, just as it did AXA, Heineken, Google,

You will find many ready-to-use video templates, millions of royalty-free media, a music library and more!

Psst 🤫 You can also create a digital magazine with videos like we did for Fastory Mag. ⬅️

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Animated GIFs with Giphy

Running mobile first giveaways is one thing. Creating an engaging and entertaining contest is another.

If you want the best user experience, don't be afraid to use a lighter tone, add some humor and use GIFs 😉

Rooted in pop culture, GIFs are often taken from films or series. They allow to capture the attention of users while expressing an emotion like an emoji!


You can integrate GIFs in different places in your giveaway: to animate your content, in your mini-game or even in the conversational bot.

Directly accessible via our Fastory creation tool, browse the catalogue, choose your GIF and integrate it into your experience in 1 click 😜

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Royalty-free images with Pixabay (32)-1

Sometimes you may be missing an image to finalize your giveaway creation...

But you don't know where to look to find quality, good definition, royalty free content 🤔

The solution: go directly to image banks! There are dozens of them like Pexels, Unsplash or Pixabay.

As with Canva or Giphy, we have integrated Pixabay into our Fastory giveaway tool to optimise your time.

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Prizes with Jeudi Merci

Defining the prizes offered for your mobile first giveaways is an important decision.

If your prizes are not very interesting, the participation rate may not be very high. On the other hand, if the prizes chosen have a high added value, such as trips or electronic products, the number of participants will be much higher.

However, you need to find the right balance to avoid not having enough entries or having too many unqualified participants.

To help you in your quest for the ideal prizes, our partner Jeudi Merci will help you. Simple and fast, their solution allows you to automate the sending of gifts in a few clicks.

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