A few more layers of clothes, the smell of roasting chestnuts that tickles us at every corner, the first thoughts of this year's gifts... Could it be the arrival of Christmas?

According to a study carried out by Outbrain, in 2021, 48% of consumers in the UK plan to shop exclusively online this Christmas.

And when you think about Christmas, you think about giveaways! Here are our 10 Christmas giveaway ideas to end the year in style. 🎄

1. An advent calendar with instant win

IMG_4FE655CD1E36-1 (1)We have a lot of Christmas giveaway ideas, but here is the first one! Creating an advent calendar with a winning instant allows you to offer a gift per day to your audience. You can choose to ask a question or complete a challenge that will give access to the instant win.

The benefit? You create a daily appointment with your audience and build loyalty among your community members by offering gifts every day.

For those reasons, the advent calendar is an excellent way to drive engagement and loyalty.

2. A runner game

ezgif-3-69b66906ac7b-1The runner game is a Christmas staple! Whether it's helping the elf collect presents or making sure Santa dodges pitfalls to continue his delivery : The possibilities are endless !




3. A throwing game

ezgif-3-23772b9a2aa1-1And no, throwing games are not just about throwing basketballs. With Fastory, every element is customizable, allowing you to create a whole graphic world. Here, we help Father Christmas get everything he needs before he starts his rounds. But we can also imagine throwing presents into the sack, cookies into a glass of milk, reindeer into the sleigh...



4. The magic unwrap

ezgif-3-888c91addadd-1At Christmas, there are two teams: those who open their presents very delicately and those who love to tear the paper into a thousand pieces. If you're one of the latter, this game is for you! Very satisfying, the reveal game is a good way to promote new products.




5. A drawing competition

Creating a drawing competition is a great way to bring children, but also adults, around the same table and share the magic of Christmas. You can offer to draw the most beautiful Father Christmas, the biggest present, the most majestic sleigh, the highest Christmas tree...

6. A personality test

Creating a personality test is a good way to personalize the purchasing experience of your audience. In addition to being fun and engaging, it also allows you to redirect participants to specific products or services. Often used in retail, it can be adapted to many other sectors! One can imagine a personality test to help the player find the ideal Christmas gift.

7. A Christmas Music Quiz

ezgif-3-8a5cd07885c8-1A Music Quiz is a fun, engaging, multi-generational game that gets everyone on the same page. For Christmas, you can imagine a Music Quiz of Christmas hits, or simply test your audience's knowledge of mythical film lines for example.




8. A memory

ezgif-3-da7907f5229b-1Memory games are a childhood favourite for many people... As well as being a great memory game, it's also great fun (and sometimes a bit annoying depending on the difficulty level ðŸĪŠ). Whether it's checking out yule logs, elves, or gifts, once again, anything is possible!

To enchant its fans, Petit Bateau launched a large multilingual campaign deployed both in 400 shops in France as well as on social networks. This mobile-to-store device allowed the brand to achieve +84% engagement and +70% opt-in on their Facebook page and website.

9. A photo competition

Selfies have become commonplace on social networks. So why not organise a photo competition to elect the best Father Christmas or the most kitschy Christmas jumper or the most original Christmas tree? Anything is possible!

10. A quiz

ezgif-3-4ca1e15f2cf5 (1)For our latest Christmas giveaway idea, a great classic: the quiz! With this game, test your audience's knowledge and find out who is the best at Christmas.

The Vorwerk Group confirmed its closeness to its customers by offering an Advent calendar in the form of engaging video quizzes. Each week, a new challenge was unveiled, creating a recurring appointment with the brand's fans.

The campaign was a real success as it allowed Vorwerk to reach its email collection target with an exceptional opt-in rate of 67%.

Bonus: A digital advent calendar

ezgif-3-b08e28c7aa3f (1)Are you looking to offer an even more immersive experience to your customers? What if we created an original and magical advent calendar for you, like the Experience we created with Oulrik, the Christmas elf?

It's almost dark. You are flying through the clouds in a magical landscape and over the forest towards a chalet that seems to be waiting for your arrival. Take off your snowy shoes and discreetly approach the tree. Suddenly, Oulrik the elf appears! He takes off in the direction of the number of the day and invites you to discover his pet peeve.

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