To create a terrifying atmosphere on your website and social media for Halloween, we've come up with some spooky ideas. You can quickly and easily create a Halloween competition to reward, collect data or simply animate your community.

It's time to scare your audience.


1 / The Scary Selfie

To set up this terrifying animation, all you have to do is create a photo competition that you can then share on your various social media.

Ask your community to take the scariest selfie and have their friends vote. For more fun, add a custom scary filter. That's it!

It's a great way to generate engagement and virality during an important time of the year.


2 / What is your favorite horror movie?

Ask your community about their favorite horror films! In the form of a Swipe Quiz or a Voting Contest, generate engagement and encourage participants to give their opinion!

Scary Movie - Halloween Competition

3 / The Horror story contest

Do you like scary stories? So do your fans! Offer them to write their own horror story: give them a plot, a beginning of the story, and let them write the rest. The winner could simply have their story published on your website or Facebook page: the Holy Grail!

To do this, nothing could be easier! Ask the question in the bot and let the creativity of your community speak for itself...


4 / Spooky Instant

If you want to take advantage of this moment to collect data, which you will activate later with a newsletter or a targeted advertising campaign (let's not forget that a contest is a powerful lever for converting leads into customers) - choose simple mechanisms such as, for example, the Instant Win. The player will find out at the time if they have won and they can try their luck again the next day. You'll see that the winner usually likes to share it on social media.

Collect Data with your Halloween Competition

Tip: you can automatically integrate the emails of people who have checked the newsletter opt-in into a Mailchimp list thanks to the Zapier connector.


5 / The scary competition

Organizing competitions is always a good idea. And especially to celebrate a particularly popular holiday like Halloween. The Caisse d'Épargne (one of the biggest French banks) understood this with its "Pumpkin Party". This marketing game allowed fans to win several gifts (including a Smartbox Weekend and geo-locatable key rings). This game generated a lot of engagement from the social media community and allowed the Caisse d'Épargne to capitalize on this event in an efficient way.

Bank collecting data through an halloween competition on social media

You are ready to put horror in the spotlight in your communications! 🔥

If you too, want to create your own scary marketing game, contact us quickly 🙈