5 St. Patrick's Day giveaway ideas for your social channels

March 17th is a very special day for the Irish: St. Patrick's Day! All dressed in green, with a shamrock, and the leprechaun outfit, they gather on this holiday to celebrate Maewyn Succat, also known as Saint Patrick's Day.

What is the origin of St. Patrick's Day?

St. Patrick's Day was originally a religious holiday. According to legends, it was after meeting God in a dream that Maewyn Succat decided to become a priest. After several encounters, he was commissioned by Pope Celestine I to evangelize Ireland. The kings and faithful gradually converted, and it is said that St. Patrick drove all the "snakes" out of Ireland, representing the pagans.

It is therefore to honor the evangelizer of Ireland that they chose 17 March, the anniversary of his death.

But this celebration is not only for the Irish! In fact, the first celebration took place in Boston in 1737. Today, it is a time for Irish people, descendants, and other supporters of this beautiful country to come together.

Dancing St. Patrick

Why should brands speak on this particular occasion?

It's not just whiskey, beer and travel brands that are newsjacking around this holiday.

Whether you're in music, sports, entertainments or food, St Patrick's Day is a great moment to communicate and run a giveaway on social media:

  • On March 17th, Nike will release two special editions for the occasion.
  • Pandora, a jewelry brand specializing in charm's, has a special collection for St Patrick's Day.
  • Every year since 1970, Mcdonald's has released its "shamrock shake", a green milkshake flavored with mint available until mid-March.
  • At Disneyland Paris, since 2006, the park has been decked out in green and celebrating Ireland for a day.

And these are just a few examples! Oasis, Innocent, HP, Honor, FDJ, Ubisoft, Durex, Coca-Cola, Berocca and many others also communicate during this celebration.


Are you ready to create your own contest? So grab your Guinness (in moderation of course...) and without further ado, here are our 5 St. Patrick's Day giveaways ideas!

Giveaway ideas:

Fact or fiction

Every brand, at its level, educates its community. Many legends revolve around St. Patrick's Day and Ireland in general. So why not share some information about this ancient holiday?

Swipe Game

Our first idea for a St. Patrick's Day quiz is the "fact or fiction" game in the form of a swipe quiz. Interactive, this game allows you to engage and retain your community. Here, the mechanics are simple and intuitive: A piece of information is submitted to the participant, if he thinks that this information is true, he swipes right. On the other hand, if they think it is false, they swipe left.



Beer pong

We don't need a special occasion to drink a beer, but St. Patrick

Beer Pong game

's Day is an excellent justification. And beer means beer pong, a classic for great parties! This game is particularly suitable for brands targeting an audience in their twenties. It will create engagement with your brand.

With this throwing game, you can customise everything: the background,the elements to throw, the elements to aim at, the sound effects, the music, the difficulty level...


Get your charm

The racing game is a classic that is still very popular. And then, we heard that a leprechaun can run up to 25km/h... So, don't hesitate anymore!

JustPokemon Game like the beer pong throwing game, everything is customisable. For example, you could have a leprechaun that collects shamrocks run until he reaches the rainbow where his treasure is hidden. But what about a character who collects beers while avoiding the manholes?

You can also add a CTA on the last screen so that participants can share the game with their friends to challenge them. This will increase the virality of the game.

The three-leaf clover

The three-leaf clover, also called "Shamrock", is an Irish symbol. What if among all these shamrocks, a four-leaf clover brings you luck? With a digital slot machine you can organise a simple instant win competition.

And don't forget the losers! A promotional code may be just what they need to take the final step in their buying journey. This game is ideal for converting leads but also for building customer loyalty.

Slot Machine

The best costume

Secretly (or publicly you might say), many of us enjoy dressing up. Fortunately, we have several opportunities to express our creativity: at Christmas, at our colleague's 30th birthday party, at Mardi Gras or the Rio carnival, but also on March 17th, St. Patrick's Day!

With a photo contest, you generate engagement and User Generated Content. You can also create a custom filter in your brand's colours. A great way to generate virality on social networks.

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