What would our lives be like without music? We can't even picture it. 😨

Music is with us every day. It invigorates us, inspires us, makes us dance...

Thanks to artists, new melodies sublimate our lives. But how can you effectively promote the release of a new EP, single, album, or even an upcoming tour?

How about organizing a giveaway to promote your music and engage with your community?

Check out our 6 giveaway ideas to get more visibility in the music industry! 🎤

A fans quiz:

Simple and effective, the fans quiz is a classic. Challenge your fans by testing their knowledge about their favourite artist, or music label! This quiz allows you to create engagement and social media virality if you offer players to challenge their friends.


You can create several types of quizzes:

the classic quiz: a question with one or more correct answers to click on.

When was Ed Sheeran's "Divide" album released?

the video quiz: a question accompanied by a video with one or more correct answers to click on.

In this song, which other artist feature Ed Sheeran?

the swipe quiz: a question to be answered by swiping left if it's false or right if it's true.

True or false: Ed Sheeran has already played a concert in Bristol.

the swipe poll: a question to be answered by swiping left if you like or right if you don't.

Would you like Ed Sheeran to tour in Australia?


For this campaign, the Sacem (Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music) created a giveaway to offer their subscribers tickets to attend the "Grand Prix Sacem". To participate, users had to answer 2 questions about Sacem, then answer a few questions in a chatbot.

This game mechanic is the perfect way to educate your community while rewarding them for their loyalty.

For this campaign, the questions are about the Sacem, but you can also ask questions about the artist, his music label, his next touring venues, etc.


A racing game:

Another idea to engage your fanbase through competition is the racing game. This marketing game is a great way because it is fun and the format is different from what we usually see, especially on social media.

Often, when thinking of ideas about ways to promote an artist, the music quiz is at the top of the list. But this is not your only option!

The racing game allows you to entertain and engage your community. By setting up a leaderboard, you can also encourage users to come back again and again to surpass their records.

For the launch of Elams' new single featuring Hatik, Believe created a racing game. The objective was to make people discover his new track and increase the number of streams on the platforms.

For this game, everything was designed according to the artist's universe: the music is found in the graphics, the tone of the chatbot is coherent and the CTA redirects to a links hub.

Here, there was nothing to win, but you can imagine a similar mechanism if you want to promote a giveaway or offer concert tickets for example.


A personality test:

Music is a matter of taste. So why not push music curation to the limit?

Creating a personality test will allow you to know better your audience and personalize their experience.

For a label or a concert hall, you can suggest one or more artists to listen to or to go see. For an artist, you can lead the user to a particular sound from the album that would correspond to him/her the most.

To celebrate the beginning of the new school year, the Bordeaux Opera created a personality test in a chatbot in order to lead the user to the most suitable show according to his affinities.

The other shows were then presented in a magazine in the same experience. For each show, one could discover the dates of the shows, quotes, music samples, videos...

By offering rich content to their community, the Bordeaux Opera has ensured great communication for the new season!


A memory game:

A memory game is also a good idea to discover the world of an artist. Simple and quick, this game is ideal for generating engagement with your community!

On the occasion of the release of the new video, the Believe agency decided to launch a campaign to promote the new EP "Des rêves" by the artist P.R2B.

After playing the Memory game, the participants answer a chatbot where the artist speaks and they got a chance to win some merchandising. This is a great way to promote your music with giveaways.

Thanks to the chatbot, they were also able to collect opt-ins for the newsletter.

A music quiz

For our last contest idea, we couldn't miss the timeless music quiz!

To create a music quiz, you have two options: create a video quiz or a swipe music quiz.

For the video quiz, you simply embed the titles of the songs you want to have the participants guess on the video and they click on the correct answer(s). You can also make participants guess artists in general or musical movements.

For the swipe music quiz, you ask a question and then participants answer true or false by swiping right or left.

Entertaining, educational, and engaging, the music quiz is THE game for the music industry.

For this campaign, Paris la Défense Arena promoted a show with giveaways. The prize? A VIP pass for his concert!

In the form of a music quiz, participants had to test their knowledge of the artist's various tracks.

Afterward, they answered a chatbot that allowed them to better qualify their audience, collect opt-ins and promote their social networks.


Ultimately, the best way to promote your music with giveaways:

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