Easter is the perfect occasion to organize a competition: a fun family celebration that lends itself perfectly to interactive and entertaining marketing.

The holidays, the transition to spring, our childhood spent hunting for eggs and eating them without moderation... It's in this light and joyful spirit that you can create your contest.

Let's discover together some Easter giveaway ideas to delight your audience.

Egg hunt

Known and loved by all, the egg hunt is a great way to reach out to several generations with one game. As kids, we all loved to go searching for eggs in the garden. As adults, we now have fun hiding them everywhere 🤫

For this egg hunt, there are several possibilities. First of all, you can hide the eggs on your website. By looking for the eggs on the different pages of your website, the participant can discover your products at the same time. Ideal for converting leads! As soon as they find one, they can click on it and fill in their details to take part in an instant win competition or a prize draw.

Alternatively, you can organize an egg hunt on your social networks, by hiding them in your publications or stories!

Finally, you can also create a mobile-first competition with a hidden object game. Here, players will have to count how many eggs they have found in the image by scrolling on the screen and then give their answer in the bot. Each participant with the correct answer will be entered into the draw. All they have to do is fill in their contact details, allowing you to better qualify your audience.

Online Maze

Some egg hunts are so complicated that they look like a real maze. What if you revisit the maze in a remastered version using the entire microsite as a medium? Here is our 2nd Easter giveaway idea: you can have the participants navigate through the different screens. After inventing a scenario, the user becomes the master of the game and his decisions change the course of the story. If they reach the last screen, they can participate in the instant win or the draw.

To convert leads or qualify your audience, this game will also be ideal for collecting data thanks to the integration of a conversational bot at the end of the experience. You can learn more about your audience without boring them with long and tedious forms.

The most beautiful egg

gif-photo-mouton-1Whether with our parents or at school, we have probably all had the opportunity to draw on eggs. This activity has been passed down from generation to generation and is still very popular with children.

So here's another Easter giveaway idea: a drawing competition!

This game will bring parents and children together in the same activity. You can ask them to draw on an egg, but participants could also draw their representation of the Easter bells or the famous rabbit for example. It's up to your imagination!

The principle is simple. The participant draws his or her picture and then uploads it to the microsite. The jury will then decide which of the drawings with the highest number of votes will win.

The purchase that pays off

CASINOOne of the best ways to build customer loyalty is to reward them for their purchases. In addition to building customer loyalty, a post-purchase campaign can also generate more sales by guiding your customers towards their next purchase.

To do this, the participant will have to fill in their receipt number or order number for online purchase. To save time, they can also scan the barcode of their product. Then, if their product is one of the eligible items, an instant win will be triggered.

And don't forget the losers! By offering them a promotional code, you ensure their loyalty and encourage them to come back and buy from you.

Egg basket

gif-oeufs-paques-1According to The Weather Girls, it's raining men ☂️ Here, it's not men but eggs falling from the sky. So, everyone gets your baskets!

After all our Easter giveaway ideas, the last is to create a fun game of skill. The advantage of this game is its ability to be personalized. You can define the background, the items to collect, the sound effects, the background music, the difficulty level, etc.


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