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How to embed Instagram stories on your website

Nov 22, 2018 9:36:01 AM / by Laura Duhommet

Since the Facebook organic reach has drastically declined, stories are the best place where businesses can get enough visibility and spread their marketing messages in a creative way

However, the content created for these stories is only displayed 24h on Instagram. That's such a shame for brands who'd like to save and take advantage of this marketing content on other channels, just like their website. 

With a few lines of code, you can now add your Instagram Stories feed on your website thanks to the free Fastory Widget - for free.

Install it for Free

This handy tool provided for free allows you to automatically sync and show your Instagram stories stream on your website. It can be a wordpress or any other type of website, the widget works just like a simple plugin:

  • Add the provided snippet on your website
  • You're done!

Moreover, this widget is the only one fully based on the brand new Instagram Graph API (no private API, validated by Facebook team themselves). 

You can now easily bring your website to social life with daily news and give your visitors a quick snapshot of what's hot as a brand or influencer.

Topics: Social Media Engagement, Best Practice

Laura Duhommet

Written by Laura Duhommet

Laura is Chief Data Officer at Fastory. She spends most of her time working on analytics, data management and CRM systems, but is always curious about marketing, project management processes, and the latest tech headlines.

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