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Our top ideas for bank digital contests

Paul Barbosa
By Paul Barbosa

If you work for a bank and you want to organize a giveaway soon, stay here, you're in the right place!

With a gamification strategy, you can increase the engagement of your community and better qualify them. 💪

There are several reasons why banks want to run a digital contest: 

👀 To gain visibility

🔍 To discover new offers

📚 Educate users via a gamification strategy

📣 Promote an event they are partnering with

❤️ Reward their loyal customers

🧑🤝🧑 Strengthen ties with their community

When it comes to gifts, it's up to you! With a bank giveaway, you can offer a large number of gifts such as goodies with your brand name, cinema tickets or tickets for events such as the French Open.

You can also ensure a larger number of participants by offering high value-added prizes such as trips or electronic devices.

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You can open your bank contest only to your customers to reward them or to a wider audience if you want to gain visibility and convert prospects into leads. It is also possible to create an internal game to strengthen the link with your employees and animate your teams. 

Looking for inspiration? Here are 4 ideas for your bank digital contest!

Highlight a partnership

To highlight a partnership, organizing a bank digital contest is an excellent communication tool! 

Many banks support events such as concerts or sports competitions. For example, LCL has been the official partner of the Tour de France since 1981. Société Générale has been a partner of the French Rugby Federation since 1987, and Crédit Mutuel "sets the pace" and sponsors major events in a variety of fields to satisfy all audiences.

gif-demo-creditmutuelle-1Because nothing speaks louder than an example, here is a campaign created by Crédit Mutuel. 

As an official partner of the FIFA Women's World Cup, they wanted to animate the fan community with a series of mini-games based on football. To be won: tickets to attend matches and training sessions for young and old alike.

Through a bank giveaway, Crédit Mutuel was able to educate users about women's football and better qualify its audience thanks to a conversational bot. 

Thanks to this immersive experience, they were able to increase their participation rate by 2.4x compared to a classic campaign. It is also worth noting that the engagement rate for this competition reached 86%! 

Promoting an event

During events, you can organize a bank digital contest to promote them and highlight your involvement and commitment.

Here you can create a competition with several kinds of mini-games depending on the event. For a football competition, a throwing game where the user has to throw the ball into the goal might be an option. If it's a concert, why not create a personality test to see which member of the band the user is closest to? 

gif-bateauFor this example, here is a loyalty campaign created by the agency WEB Stratégies for the Banque Populaire. On the occasion of the Vendée - Arctique - Les Sables d'Olonne race, they wanted to highlight the skipper sponsored by the Banque Populaire, Clarisse Crémer.

It's with a game of skill that users put themselves at the controls of the sailboat. The objective? To reach 3600 miles. After reaching a sufficient score, participants can confirm their application and try their luck to win bags or sunglasses. 

With a participation rate of 76%, the conversational bot made it possible to increase the number of opt-ins threefold compared to a traditional campaign. 

Converting prospects

To encourage your prospects to take the plunge and engage with your bank, you can create a giveaway to present your offers and services. 

You can seek to acquire new customers, try to recover dissatisfied customers from other banks or highlight complementary services such as insurance for example. 

gif-macif-1Here is a bank giveaway created by Macif. With a course of two mini-games, this qualification campaign helped to engage and convert the under 30s. 

The first mini-game is a throwing game where users have to throw moving boxes into a truck. The objective was to present their student housing insurance. 

The 2nd mini-game is a game of skill where participants have to avoid unnecessary expenses and keep their savings. With this one, they took the opportunity to present their bank account designed for 18-25 year olds. 

Once again, the results are there: the rate of engagement is 88% for the first mini-game and Macif was able to collect 2x more telephone numbers than with a classic campaign. 

A Bank Giveaway can strengthen the link with your employees

Because without the work of your employees, your company would not be where it is today, take the time to thank them.

Our latest bank digital contest idea for banks is to organise an internal competition! There are several possibilities: 

  • Organize a photo or video competition around a theme. For this type of competition, don't forget that you can create your own augmented reality filters 😉  
  • Create a quiz to challenge them on their business knowledge 💪
  • Create a Music Quiz to announce a karaoke night 🎤

gif-bnpThis campaign was created by BNP Paribas. Accompanied by the TBWA/Corporate agency, BNP Paribas Asset Management launched an in-house video contest to unite its teams around its new identity. Like Snapchat, employees filmed short videos with filters specially designed for BNP Paribas. All the company's employees then voted for their favorite video.

For this campaign, the bank was able to generate a participation rate 3x higher than a traditional campaign with an average time spent of just over 5 minutes.

And that's it, we've reached the end of this article! If you would like to discuss your next campaign with us, contact us 😊


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