logo-coca_colorCoca Cola European Partners is the bottling company dedicated to the marketing, production, and distribution of Coca-Cola products accross the world. The company produces and distributes some of the most popular beverages in the world such as Coca Cola, Fanta or Sprite.

The most important objectives for Coca Cola European Partners are related to brand awareness and in-store sales. That's why CCEP team was interested to test whether the Fastory mobile-first and gamified microsite could drive in-store sales and/or cut costs regarding social media acquisition 

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As one of the most active brand in the world when it comes to sponsoring sport events, CCEP wanted to capitalize on the joy and general euphoria gathered by the Soccer World Cup 2018 for their french branch. 

This mobile marketing campaign targeted people interested by gaming and sports, especially soccer fansThe idea was to provide them with innovative and immersive content on mobile, to develop brand preference and finally drive traffic to store with a call to action leading to a store-locator.

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So they decided to create a gamified microsite, which mimicked the Instagram stories right tap navigation composed with:

  • A mobile landing page explaining the game rules and goals
  • A timed shootout game customized with the brand logos and colors
  • A final screen which was encouraging players to play again in stores with an  unique CTA

A global shopper plan was set up to drive sales in supermarkets, since Fastory players entered a great sweepstake by playing this mobile game, and was able to increase the chance to win if they went to stores

The Fastory microsite was promoted through several social media channels, such as Facebook posts or Instagram Stories Ads.


Finally, the campaign exceeded expectations concerning the cost per acquired lead and engagement rate with the content. Indeed, Coca Cola European partners divided by 6 their Cost per Lead, compared with their usual social media campaigns.

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Because the campaign was really a success story and cost-efficient, Coca Cola European Partners is now thinking of several other mobile-first promotion campaigns that they could set up with Fastory.


“We see a clear potential to use Fastory to promote in-store special offers and to collect qualified data. It’s certain that we will intensify our usage next year.”  

Laura Ducournau  - Relationship Marketing Manager at Coca-Cola European Partners France

Laura Duhommet

By Laura Duhommet

Laura is Chief Data Officer at Fastory. She spends most of her time working on analytics, data management and CRM systems, but is always curious about marketing, project management processes, and the latest tech headlines.