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New partnership: Fastory & FollowAnalytics

Clara Belin-Brosseau
By Clara Belin-Brosseau

Smartphone users are redefining the marketing landscape as we speak. There are over 4.57 billion mobile users in the world today, and this number is forecasted to reach 4.68 billion in 2019 according to Statista.

Zenuacademie explains that "61% of people navigate on internet using heir smartphone". 

Mobile apps are the heart of brands main concerns as they represent 89% of time spent on mobile and as their conversion rate is 7 times higher than on mobile web according to MMA France

Mobile is therefore a high-priority communication channel in the global digital strategy for most companies: it is no longer enough to be mobile-responsive, you need to think mobile-first.  

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Fastory partners with Follow Analytics

For Fastory, it was a clear evidence to partners with a mobile application expert. In addition to share a mobile-first vision, the two solutions are complementary and, when combined, allow/produce to maximize the users engagement. 

FollowAnalytics is THE analysis and communication platform dedicated to mobile applications. By using FollowAnalytics you can:

  • Build: Create a mobile app from a website
  • Analyze: Understand what are the users behaviors on your app
  • Engage: Activate targeted and personalized campaigns in order to maximize the users engagement with your app (Push notifications and In-App Messages)

Thanks to this partnership, all the clients of FollowAnalytics and Fastory can integrate immersives post-push experiences to their mobile application, enriched with chatbots, videos and mini-games. 

Example: Inform the users every Wednesday of the new movie releases of the week, then redirect them towards a Fastory microsite. 

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