Valentine's Day is a great time for the retail sector. According to a study conducted by MyVoucherCodes, 45% of Britons plan to purchase something for a loved one people this Valentine's Day. Their budget is on average $24. A meal in a restaurant, flowers, jewelry, beauty products, and chocolate are among the most offered gifts.

And now it's time for the moment you've all been waiting for: our Valentine's Day giveaway ideas!

"What would you chose?" game

Even if we are supposed to know our other half by heart, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift. So, we've come up with several ideas for quizzes that help you learn more about each other's preferences.

instagram_template_story_my_favoriteYou can organize Valentine's Day giveaway on Instagram where you invite your audience to take a screenshot of a template you created and share it on their account after completing it. This will give you quick and free exposure through word of mouth.




pink-and-blue-this-or-that-instagram-story-design-template-fa7198c6374874369df0049f5f1503dc_screenYou can also share stories with two items to compare each time where your community can directly vote for their preference. 

This kind of game is perfect to reinforce the engagement of your community.




gif-petit-bateau (1)Finally, you can also organize a mobile-first giveaway to offer them a more immersive experience. 

What's the prize? The participant's favorite article among those proposed. To do this, the swipe poll will be your friend. 

This game is ideal to generate engagement but also to give visibility to your products. Moreover, it can be shared and can become viral quickly.

To vote, nothing could be simpler: by swiping left, the participant indicates that he doesn't like the product and vice versa.


The photo contest

The photo contest is a great way to engage your audience and go viral. Couple photo reflect perfectly what’s wonderful about being with someone. Ask them to share their best travel pictures for example. 

And for those who want to support singles, you can ask them to show their favorite photo with their friends.🤳

pexels-gabriel-bastelli-1759823You can also make a branded Instagram filter to create more engagement and share quality user-generated content on your brand's social networks.

After submitting their photo, participants will be voted on by the rest of the community. Then, the jury will select the winner among the entries with the most votes.

The right match

Some couples have made a lasting impression on us. There are others that we wish would never be separated and some that still inspire us today. 

To name a few: Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, Michelle and Barack Obama, Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi or Kate Moss and Johnny Depp. So for Valentine's Day, let's put these couples in the spotlight with a quiz.

To animate your community, you can organize a quiz challenging them to match iconic couples. 

This game is a way to engage a young audience interested in pop culture. To do so, you will just have to create a quiz, choose a personality, and propose several choices of people illustrated by photos. This marketing game will be ideal for people who don't know what they are talking about!

The Music Quiz

What do Barry White, James Blunt, Marvin Gaye, Etta James, Joe Dassin, John Legend, and Lana Del Rey have in common? Come on... you've got a pretty good idea 😉 Of course, they all wrote beautiful love songs that year after year continues to rock our ears.

gif-dj-snakeAnd here's another Valentine's Day giveaway idea: the music quiz! 

This game will allow you to generate engagement while helping your community create the most romantic atmosphere on that special night.

Of course, after testing their knowledge, you can share with them a playlist that you have concocted for them.


The Personality Test

Everyone is different. Some hate Valentine's Day, those who wait for this day all year long, those who love it but prefer to celebrate it two days later to avoid paying the full price, those who say that love is celebrated every day of the year, those who prefer to celebrate it with their friends...

However, organizing a marketing game during this celebration is a good idea because it is one of the major highlights in the UK. 

The personality test allows you to guide your audience in their buying journey. According to the participants' answers, they will be assigned a typical profile that you have predefined and a CTA will allow them to access the proposed products.

Want more Valentine’s Day giveaway ideas? Take an appointment with us!