Like every Easter, it's Mother's Day! A highlight of the marketing calendar, creating a Mother's Day Giveaway can help you achieve your objectives while complementing your social media strategy.

According to a study by the NRF, 83% of U.S. adults are expected to celebrate Mother's Day. The most popular gifts are flowers, perfume, a meal in a restaurant with the family, jewellery and chocolates.

And here are our five ideas for Mother's Day competitions.

1. Personality test: The gift idea generator

Swipe Giveaway

A gift is a great way to show your love. Finding THE perfect Mother's Day gift can sometimes be tricky. So to help your community, you can create a personality test. The way it works is simple: each participant answers several questions asked via a conversational bot and according to the answers the bot will propose a gift idea in line with the personality of the mother described. This gift can be accessed directly via a link sent on the conversation. You can even think about sending this gift for free as a Mother's Day Giveaway. 😉

Here are some questions you might want to ask:

  1. Does she get ready in 15 minutes or 1.5 hours?
  2. Does she prefer to watch movies or read books?
  3. Are her favourite flowers roses or tulips?
  4. Is her favourite group The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?
  5. Is she more of a trainer or pump girl?
  6. Does she like all-black looks or natural colours?


2. The photo competition: Immortalizing the moment

When you were young, your parents must have bombarded you with photos: in the swimming pool, cooking, at the beach, at our end-of-year show or even in the middle of a nap. So many memories were immortalised! But as we grew up, we lost this habit... So creating a photo contest is a great way to give your audience the opportunity to (re)create memories while reinforcing your brand image.

Depending on your industry, you can create a photo contest with a theme to personalise the experience and give your audience ideas.

Loving Mother

Here are some ideas:

  • For a food brand: a photo while cooking with the family
  • For a cosmetics brand: a photo in the bathroom mirror
  • For a tourism agency: the most beautiful holiday photo
  • For a sports brand: a photoshoot in the middle of a cardio session
  • For a tea brand: a photo of a cocooning moment
  • You can also try out one of our photo competitions in our examples.


3. The runner's game: At the heart of the race

Runner Giveaway

The runner game is a timeless and great idea for a Mother's Day Giveaway. Stimulating and fun, this competition game is accessible to all and encourages you to surpass yourself in order to obtain the best score.

With this type of game, everything is customisable. The background, the assets to collect, the music... So don't hesitate to adapt your competition to the image of your brand by offering your audience to collect hearts, chocolates, flowers, jewellery, lipsticks, etc.


You can also ask for a minimum score to participate in the contest, and then choose to launch a draw or an instant win.


4. The video competition: All on stage

Who hasn't organised a show for their parents? Whether it was a dance, song, music or sports performance, our imagination knew no bounds. And this year could be the opportunity to bring back some memories by showing our best talents to our mother's thanks to a video contest.

Each participant will be able to send in their video and it will be voted on by internet users. The video with the most votes wins.


5. Love Wheel: Mother's Day Giveaway

Love Wheel

The Wheel of Fortune is a very popular competition. With an instant win giveaway, your audience will be able to find out directly if they have won or not. Thus, it is a game that appeals for its speed and efficiency.

For Mother's Day, you can imagine a "love Wheel" where gifts specially designed for mothers can be won. And if you want to please everyone, you can offer a promotional code to the losers to thank them for their participation.


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