45 million 😲 This is the number of monthly active users on Facebook in United Kingdom, in March 2021. That's nearly 75% of UK internet users!

With such a community, creating a competition on Facebook has many advantages and can help you reach your goals quickly ✨

❤️ Generate engagement

🤩 Grow your community

👍 Convert leads

⤵️ Collect data


To find out how to boost your competitions and increase your engagement rate, read on!

What is the audience on Facebook?

Here are some facts to know about the audience you can capture on Facebook in United Kingdom:

👩 52% of UK Facebook users are women.

📈The population on Facebook is aging: the older you get, the higher the share of Facebook users.

✌️Users spend an average of 23 minutes on Facebook every day

🌆Facebook is used daily by 44% of the UK population

Ideas for giveaways to create on Facebook

To increase the engagement rate of your community, here are 4 ideas of giveaways to create on Facebook 🤩

You can run your quiz directly on the social network or share an experience via a link or Qr Code. Mobile-first and more immersive, this 2nd option will help you stand out from your competitors!

If you are looking for a giveaway tool, it's here ⬅️

Legends giveaway on Facebook

This giveaway on Facebook is very simple! You propose a subject, a sentence, a photo and the participants have to find a caption, complete your sentence or propose an idea.

With this type of competition, participants are often asked to use their humour. 🤪

You can also ask them to comment on your publication by specifying their favourite product or even their favourite actor (if it's a film or series).

The aim is to animate your community, contribute to your brand image and generate engagement.

To select the winner, you can hold a draw, select the comment with the most likes or ask a jury for their opinion.

Photo giveaway on Facebook

gif-demo-concours-photoThe photo contest is an excellent way to acquire User Generated Content. The content created by your community will allow you to gain visibility and give legitimacy to your brand.

Depending on your sector of activity and your brand content strategy, several options are available to you.


You can ask participants to :

  • highlight your products,
  • take a photo of themselves with an augmented reality filter in your brand's colours,
  • publish a photo in line with a given theme.

Don't forget to encourage participants to challenge their friends to generate virality!

Quiz on Facebook

Our third idea for a giveaway on Facebook is a timeless one: the famous quiz.

gif-dj-snakeThe quiz can be about your brand, your values, a theme... Don't limit your imagination, great things can be created! It's up to you to decide whether you want to educate your audience about your brand or focus solely on entertainment.

By using a quiz tool, you can give a new dimension to quizzes with more original formats.


For example, there is the swipe quiz, a game inspired by Tinder. To answer the question asked, the participant swipes left if the answer is true or right if it is false.

You can also integrate music and videos into your questions. Ideal for creating a Music Quiz for example.

Personality test on Facebook

Personality tests are very popular type of giveaway on Facebook! It's fun and easy to participate.

Thanks to the personality test, you can direct the user to a branded product or service. Ideal for generating qualified traffic to your site 😉

In order to improve the experience of your audience, we advise you to create your personality test in a conversational bot. This way, you will humanise the participant's journey and you will be able to collect more data without it being boring for them.

Rules to follow

If you want to create a giveaway on Facebook in the near future, make sure you follow these rules.

According to the terms and conditions of the social network, it is forbidden to force the use of personal profiles or friends' connections.

This means that it is forbidden to ask participants to:

→ identify a friend to participate in a Facebook competition

→ share a link on their own diary to participate

→ share a link on a Facebook friend's diary to participate

It is also forbidden to ask participants to like the page as a condition of participation. The idea is to invite people to like your page and share your content without making it compulsory.

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