If you want to create a successful quiz, you should first know that online quizzes are one of the most engaging existing games. 🥇 To play, the participant must answer a series of questions.

Very simple and fun to create, a quiz will allow you to:

  • 🎉 Animate your community online
  • ❤️ Increase your engagement rate
  • 👤 Collect data
  • 🤯 Generate virality


Quickly discover our tips to create a successful quiz just below ⬇️


The different types of online quizzes

When it comes to online quizzes, most marketers can't imagine the variety of formats that exist. Here are some examples of the types of quizzes you can create.


The Trivia Quiz

Let's start with classic online quizzes!

You can ask as many questions as you like. There can be one or more correct answers and for each correct answer, the participant collects points.

Note that you can add an image, video, or sound if you want to illustrate the question 👀

Check out some quizzes ideas to create according to your market:

  • Sport: Are you ready for the Olympics?
  • Entertainment: Are you a real wizard like Harry Potter?
  • Beauty: Do you know how to use your beauty products properly?
  • Retail: What are the trends for this summer?
  • Banking: Do you know all the benefits of your Visa card?

The video quiz


You can also spice up your online quiz by adding videos.

The videos can be with :

  • a person asking the questions to humanize the experience,
  • music to put the participant in the mood,
  • elements or clues to find to answer the question,
  • and much more!


The swipe quiz

Inspired by Tinder's design, the swipe quiz is even easier!

If participants think the answer is valid, they swipe right, otherwise, they swipe left 😉

Here are some swipe quizzes ideas:

  • Sport: Which football teams have already qualified for the First League?
  • Entertainment: In which cities will the artist Elton John be performing in France?
  • Beauty: Are these products part of our range?
  • Retail: Which brand created these models, Nike or Adidas?
  • Banking: What are the conditions for opening a bank account?

You can also create an online swipe survey to find out the preferences of your audience and better understand them. Don't hesitate to ask their opinion on your new products or services or those they would like to see discounted during the sales, for example.

Finally, you can use the swipe poll mechanism as a revealing mechanism. By swiping the screen, the user discovers what is hidden under the first page. To test an example of a reveal, it's right here ⬅️


The Music Quiz

Whether you want to promote an artist or test your audience's music knowledge, online music quizzes are always a good idea.

Add a music sample, ask a question and that's it! The participant can then select the correct answer by clicking or swiping according to the chosen model (video quiz or swipe quiz).

You can make artists, songs, and sound effects, and why not animal cry like Marineland did 😊

Discover here the best practices to create online music quizzes!

ezgif.com-gif-maker (3)The personality test

The last quiz idea to create is the personality test 🤪

Ideal for supporting your audience through their purchasing journey. You offer them a 100% personalized experience.

The personality test can serve several purposes. You can create one:

  • for entertainment: "Which Friends character are you?"
  • to help your customers with their purchase: "Which products are suitable for your skin?
  • to generate gift ideas: "What is the perfect gift for your mum?
  • to present your services: "Which insurance is right for you?


3 tips to follow for a successful quiz


#1 Don't limit your imagination

If you have other people in your team, get together and have a brainstorming meeting. Remember, all ideas are good ideas! Even if they are not the best, they could still help you to bounce back and develop your creativity.

In terms of difficulty, the quiz should be neither too simple, so that participants do not get bored, nor too difficult, so that there is some fun in playing.

To engage participants as much as possible, you can add photos, videos, GIFs as well as music. This will make their experience more enjoyable!


#2 Don't ask too many questions

If you want as many participants as possible to complete the experience, don't ask too many questions! In our opinion, about 5 questions should be enough.

On the other hand, if you have a few more questions, you can discourage unqualified participants and will benefit from a target audience that is interested in your brand.

The choice is yours 😉


#3 Integrate a chatbot

To qualify your audience at the end of the experience, don't forget to create a chatbot!

More dynamic and interactive than a classic form, you will be able to collect valuable information about your audience.


So what are you waiting for? If you want to create a quiz to animate your next contest, contact us!