Set for the third Sunday in June, Father's Day has become an important moment in the England calendar.

According to a study carried out by NRF, 75% of UK people intend to celebrate Father's Day, an intention expressed more by 18-34 year olds. Among the most popular gifts given on this occasion are wine or alcohol, perfume, a family meal in a restaurant, clothes and books.

Did you know? Father's Day was originally a commercial holiday! It was created by Flaminaire, a Breton company specializing in lighters. In 1950, the director Marcel Quercia decided to launch a marketing campaign in order to increase his lighter sales during the month of June, a rather slow period, and created the slogan "Our dads have told us, for Father's Day, they all want a Flaminaire". The campaign was so successful that the Oberthur printing house added Father's Day to its calendar. And in 1952, the state recognized the holiday as an official celebration.

Now that we all know the history of this holiday, let's get back to our main topic. Here are our 5 creative ideas for Father's Day giveaway.

1. Giveaway with a purchase obligation

gif-obligation-achatIn most competitions, there are prizes to be won. In this case, you do not offer a prize, but you refund your customers for their purchases. After sending in their proof of purchase, Internet users will be able to take part in an instant win giveaway or in a draw, depending on your choice. The first will tell them directly if they have won or not, and the second will select one or more winners at random after a pre-determined date.


Simple and motivating, this contest helps to build loyalty among your audience.

2. Jackpot

gif-bandit--1Creating a Father's Day giveaway inspired by casino slot machines is an original and creative idea! Here, the concept is simple: the participant enters his email address, then launches the wheel and finds out directly through a winning instant if he has won.

Thanks to the conversational bot, you can also collect data on the participants. For example, you can ask the user if they have a loyalty card and if so, ask them to enter their card number.


3. Rebus game

gif-quiz-emoji-1Behind all our emojis and expressions, our parents sometimes have trouble keeping up with us. What if this time, on Father's Day, we reversed the roles? With this giveaway idea, participants have to decipher the messages hidden behind each rebus. For example, you can hide behind the names of famous dads such as Brad Pitt or their favourite sports.



4. Throwing game

gif-foot-1Football is the favourite sport in the United Kingdom. So why not create a Father's Day giveaway around this world-famous game?

With this throwing game, everything is customizable: the background, the music, the sound effects in case of goal or failure, the assets to throw and aim at, the obstacles... You can create a concept 100% in the colours of your brand.


You can also create an experience with several games to follow. For example, you can offer several levels of difficulty on the same game or create a sequence of different games. Don't limit yourself!

5. Quiz

ezgif-com-gif-maker (9)-gifToday, the classic quiz format with one answer to select is no longer the only option. And even if this format is still relevant, you can also create :

  • A swipe quiz: Users respond positively by swiping right or negatively by swiping left. Here, you could ask them about Father's Day for example.
  • A video quiz: Participants watch short videos and then answer questions about the same video. You could show them extracts from films or series with dads as the main characters, such as Breaking Bad, American Dad, The Simpsons, etc.

  • A music quiz: Players listen to music clips and select their answers. You could test their knowledge about artists who have written about dads like Adele, Elton John, Dua Lipa and many others.


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