At Fastory we are firm believers in the power of visual storytelling.

Today's users are using their smartphones to consume content, engage with their favorite brands and react to meaningful stories. Aforementioned stories have become the fastest growing media format in over a decade, from their Snapchat humble beginnings to their ubiquitous presence across every major social media.

750+ million people are using Stories on a daily basis, and 2019 might see the format crush the billion user mark. This is nothing short of remarkable.

Snapchat Story Clones Are Beating the Original

Naturally, national and international brands & advertisers have been embracing this new format and their love for this media shows no boundaries. The quality of the content shared is on the rise, so much so that we have seen a countless amount of truly amazing immersive stories published in the past 12 months. 

Fastory partners with MakeMeReach

It was only logical for us to seek out a partner that was both an expert in paid media campaigns on social and Google, and had received the highest level of recognition in the marketplace. One company kept on coming back in our conversations with customers, MakeMeReach. They are at the forefront of social ad tech, and have received official partner recognition from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Google.

Tool to build stories for Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat

This partnership will not only allow MakeMeReach customers to create mobile-first  stunning and immersive stories but also provide them with the tools needed to industrialize their story creation.

Want to see how Fastory + MakeMeReach works?

Send us a message and we will connect you with an Account Manager to discuss your options.

Fastory & MakeMeReach - create immersive stories

Loic Jeanjean

By Loic Jeanjean

Loic is Fastory's Chief Growth Officer where he advises and evangelizes companies on innovative brand content and lead generation in the Mobile Marketing Economy.