Drawing contest

Draw me a sheep

The drawing competition consists of asking your participants to send in their most beautiful drawing as a photo. You can ask for drawings on the theme of your choice.

The public will be able to vote for the best drawings. The best drawings can be rewarded. Everyone can participate, from the youngest to the oldest.

This is a creative competition that can be used to raise awareness of a cause and create commitment. You can also generate virality and attract the attention of your community.

Available with this offer:
Key objectives:
Increase public awareness to a specific issue
Generate virality
Engagement Qualification

  1. Pictorial title according to the highlight
  2. Explanation of how to enter the photo competition
  3. Mobile-friendly image capture
  4. Preview and validation of the result
  5. Access to votes
  6. Registration of the participation via the chatbot
  7. Discover the products and end the experience

Animated headline
Photo contest
Qualifying Bot
Upgrade to mobile-first