Selfie Challenge

I dare ya!

The photo or video competition allows participants to submit their best shots and then vote for their favourite photos or videos to be displayed in the gallery. They will be able to add a proposed filter and personalise it according to your theme.

This game mechanic is a new and original concept. You can organise a photo or video contest on Instagram or other social networks to promote your brand image. Build loyalty among your employees and generate traffic to your website.

You can also promote your brand and your products through an innovative interactive experience.
Available with this offer:
Key objectives:
Generate virality
Strengthen team cohesion
Engagement Qualification

Pictorial title of the game
Explanation of how to enter the selfie competition
Registration of the entry
Overview of the result
Access to the votes
End of the experiment and registration of the participation via the chatbot

Animated headline
Photo contest
Qualifying Bot
Upgrade to mobile-first