Soccer game with 3-Levels

Bring the Cup back home

The 3-level football game challenges the participants in a throwing game. The more the player wins, the tougher the game gets. The aim is to pass the three levels of the game, which range from easy to difficult.

The participant has to send an animated element to the target against shots and projectiles, and over a predefined number of times.

The football competition is an entertaining and engaging format for your audience. You can reinforce group cohesion and generate virality by organising this competition on your social networks.
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Key objectives:
Generate virality
Strengthen team cohesion
Engagement Qualification

  1. Pictorial title of the game with 3 levels
  2. Explanation of how to participate in the 1st football game
  3. Score 5 football goals in a limited time
  4. Recording the game via the chatbot
  5. Explanation of how to play the 2nd football game
  6. Score 5 football goals while avoiding flying projectiles
  7. Explanation of how to play the 3rd football game 
  8. Score 5 football goals while avoiding the flying projectiles and the goalkeeper
  9. End of the experiment

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