Piano game challenge

⚡️FASTER Challenge

The user plays by taping on the piano keys scrolling across the screen following the rhythm of the music.
1 game = 1 view on the Youtube vidéo. The piano game challenge allows you to give visibility to a youtube vidéo and to considerably increase the number of views thanks to the virality.

The user has to success each level to increase his chances of winning a reward.

Available with this offer:
Key objectives:
Generate virality
Launch a product
Engagement Qualification

  1. Pictorial title of the game
  2. Explanation of how to participate in the musical piano game
  3. Play following the rhythm oh the music by taping on the piano keys
  4. Continue to the next level to increase your chances of winning
  5. Registration of the participant' score via the chatbot
  6. Announcement of the results of the instant win in the chatbot
  7. Product discovery
  8. End of the experience

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⚡️FASTER Piano Game
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