In-store hunt of QR codes

The treasure hunt

The principle of the QR code treasure hunt is simple, you just have to find the QR codes hidden in the shop and scan them.

This in-store game is a way for you to animate your points of sale and to promote an event.
Available with this offer:
Key objectives:
Animate a point of sales
Promote an event
Engagement Qualification

  1. Pictorial title of the game
  2. Explanation of how to take part in the first treasure hunt game
  3. Win the game and collect the clues
  4. Access the final game with a hidden QR code
  5. Find the mystery word using the clues to start the final game
  6. Play the game of your choice, and reach a score to be defined
  7. Participation in the instant win via the chatbot
  8. End of the experience

Animated headline
Trivia Quiz
Video Content
Scroll motion
Instant Win
Upgrade to mobile-first