Selfie in the shop

Under the spotlights

The shop selfie is a photo competition. Participants have to take a picture of themselves in a shop or at a trade fair. They can personalise their selfie with the filter you have chosen.

They also have control over the gallery where they can vote for the selfies of other participants. A selfie in a shop is an ideal way to liven up your points of sale and reward purchases.

Also consider organising this selfie competition on Facebook and your other social networks to further engage your community.
Available with this offer:
Key objectives:
Animate a point of sales
Reward the purchase
Engagement Qualification

  1. Pictorial title according to the highlight
  2. Explanation of how to participate in the racing game
  3. Catch the most objects in a limited time
  4. Registration of participation via the chatbot
  5. Registration for participation in the draw
  6. End of the experiment

Animated headline
Photo contest
Sweepstake Bot
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