Video contest

Dance Challenge

The creation of a contest video allows you to engage your community and generate virality. You can also qualify your contact database.

Participants will have to show their imagination on a theme that you define. All they have to do is compete for the best video and send it in. This video can be rewarded if it is selected among the best. The idea is to play while having fun and to immerse the participants in a fun and entertaining game.

Organising a video competition is done in a few steps. Customise your content and create a graphic appearance that reflects your image for an exceptional result.
Available with this offer:
Key objectives:
Entertain a community
Generate virality
Engagement Qualification

  1. Video titling according to the highlight
  2. Explanation of how to enter the video competition
  3. Mobile-friendly video capture
  4. Preview and validation of the result
  5. Access to the gallery
  6. Registration of participation via the chatbot

Animated headline
Video contest
Qualifying Bot
Upgrade to mobile-first